SURFspot has stopped delivering several on-premises products from Microsoft. It is no longer contractually possible to offer these products via SURFspot.

What are Microsoft On-Premises and Cloud-Based Products?

Microsoft makes a distinction in licenses for their products:

  1. On-Premises, a device-based license, is a license for use locally on your own device (on-premises).
  2. Cloud-Based, a user license, is a license for use in the cloud with download options for local use on multiple devices of that specific user.

Which Microsoft products are still available via SURFspot?

  • Microsoft Office 365 (Student Use Benefit)*

* Only available for students of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Regio College en Noorderpoort.

Which Microsoft products does SURFspot no longer offer?

  • Office 2019
  • Office 2021
  • Project Pro
  • Visio 
  • Windows 10 upgrade 
  • Windows 11 upgrade

I need Microsoft Office, what now?

You can use Microsoft 365 Cloud-Based (formerly Microsoft Office 365) through your own educational institution. 

Does SURFspot have replacement products for Project Pro and Visio?

No. If you do want to use this, please contact your own institution. Your institution can order these products via the portal of


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