My order has the status 'In progress'
A software order will appear in your order summary within 15 minutes. The order status will change from 'in process' to 'shipped'. You will receive a confirmation of your order in your mailbox. If you don't see a confirmation, then check your spam. If you don't see anything, then please contact us.

If your order does not change and stays as 'pending' it could be that your payment did not go through properly or that you did not pay at all, please contact us.

It is also possible that the payment was successful, but that the status of your order remains 'pending'. In that case, we will have to proceed with your order manually. For this, we need a screenshot of your statement.


My order has the status 'Pending payment', because the payment was interrupted.
If you see the status 'Pending payment' behind your order, the payment for the product did not go through properly. It is not possible to complete the payment afterward. You can let one of our employees cancel the order, unfortunately, we cannot remove the order from the overview, so it will remain as 'canceled'.

After the product has been canceled by us, you can re-order the product.


My order keeps having the status 'Pending' or 'Waiting for payment', but I have paid?
It may happen that the payment was successful, but the status of your order still remains 'pending' or 'waiting for payment'. Unfortunately, your payment has not been linked to the order, which means it cannot be delivered.

We will then have to place your order manually. For this, we need a screenshot of your bank statement.


My order has the status 'Canceled'. How is this possible?
The order can get the status 'canceled' if the payment of the product has not been completed correctly. A canceled order can not be completed, you can re-order the product through the store. It is not possible for us to remove a canceled order from the overview of 'orders'.

Did you complete the payment of the canceled order and was it successful? Then please contact us.


My hardware order has the status 'In progress with supplier' or 'On hold'.
When you place a hardware order with us, you can navigate to 'My orders' to keep track of the status.

If your order has just been placed, then the status will probably be 'Pending with supplier'. This means that we know about your order, but that the supplier has not yet shipped the product.

The delivery time for this product as shown on the product page will apply (often three working days).

If the status 'On hold' is displayed, this also means that the order is known to the supplier. For these orders, the delivery time on the website is indicated as 2 weeks, or there is a delay for the delivery. In the latter case, this will be mentioned in a text line under 'My orders' with the relevant order number, and you will be informed by email.


Any questions? Please contact us.


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