Reinstalling affects your download and installation, but does not change your activations. When you get this message, then there must be a change in the activation.

The error message literally means that the activations have been reached. Office can only be used on 1 device.

You can solve this by (re)activating Office by phone. You can take the following steps to take this:

1. Call 0800 0233487 for the Microsoft Product Activation Centre.
2. Choose whether or not to answer the call.
3. Choose option 2 'Activate Office'.
4. Choose option 2 'You don't see the activation wizard'. Choose this option even if you do see the activation wizard! If you choose Yes, a bot will come on the line and tell you to try the activation again later.
5. Choose option 2 'You do not have a campus license'.
6. Listen for a long time until you hear 'If you have tried the online help but still need help, choose 2', and here choose option 2.
7. A person comes on the phone. This person will provide you with a long number, 8 times a set of 6 digits that you need to enter into the activation wizard.
8. Office you can now activate


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