Notice: before you begin the installation of Office 2021 for Mac, the following points are important:

  • Always install the software with a working internet connection. Going offline can cause an
    incorrect installation.
  • Do not worry if you are not required to enter the license code. Being online often activates the
    code automatically.
  • Sign in with your own Microsoft account. This account is not under our management, so
    please save the email address for yourself. We cannot retrieve it for reinstallation.
  • If you have already installed Office on your computer or if you have a trial version, please
    uninstall it first. The best way to do that is by using the following two links: removing office &
    license removal.

Step 1: Order Office 2021 from our website. Within 15 minutes you will receive several emails from
us confirming your order and giving you the download details. You can always find this information in
your account under 'Orders'.

Step 2: Click on the download link. You will now be redirected to the download page. Click on the
‘Download’ button.

The basic one-month access guarantee applies to access the download, not to use of the software itself.



Step 3: You will now see the screen below. Choose ‘Aanmelden (Sign In)’ from here.

Please note: activate Office 2021 on a personal Microsoft account or create a new Microsoft account if you don't have one. Do not skip this step. This is important for reinstallation in the future!


Step 4: Sign in with your own Microsoft account.


Step 5: You will then enter the screen below. Select the region and click 'Volgende (Next)'.


Step 6: Do not worry if you are not required to enter the license code. Being online often activates the
code automatically. Click ‘Bevestigen (Confirm)’.


Step 7: You will enter your account. Choose the version you purchased (2021) and click 'Installeren


Step 8: Then click on 'Installeren (Install)' again on the screen below.


Step 9: The download will now begin. Double-click on the file when it is fully downloaded.


Step 10: The installation can begin. Click 'Ga door (Continue)' a few times to proceed.




Step 11: Click 'Akkoord (Agree)' to accept the terms and conditions.



Step 12: Click ‘Installeer (Install)’ to start the installation.


Step 13: Wait for the program to install. This may take quite a while.


Step 14: Click ‘Sluit (Close)’ to complete the installation. The screen will then disappear.



Step 15: You can open the software by searching it through the Applications folder. Or click on the
Spotlight icon (magnifying glass) in the menu bar and search for 'Word' there. Click on the program to
open it.


Step 16: Sign in with your own Microsoft account, to which your license is linked.


Office 2021 is now ready to use!



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