When you see the message ''Doesn't allow editing on a Mac'', first check whether you are logged in to Microsoft Office 365 with the correct username. Are you logged in with the correct username with an active license and are you still seeing this message? Then there are probably damaged files in the library folder of your Mac. We recommend that you reinstall Microsoft Office 365 using the steps below.


1. Remove all Office license files, you can do this via the following link: - click on "Download the license removal tool." and follow the rest of the steps. 


2. Then drag Office to the trash via steps 1 to 3 from the following link: 


3. Restart your Mac.


4. Once you have done this, you can reinstall Microsoft Office 365. You have received a username and password for this by email. This is the information you can use to install Office. To do this, take the following steps:






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