As a student or employee, you can log in to SURFspot with the account of your educational institution. SURFspot does not manage the login details, we cannot look up details for you.
The most common error messages you can get while logging in are:
  • "Inloggen mislukt"
  • "Dit product is niet beschikbaar voor jouw instelling"
  • "Je kenmerk is niet toegestaan"

Here's what you can do:

Log in to the following link:
You will then see the personal login details that SURFspot receives from your institution. The field “Affiliation” or “Betrekking” must contain the value student or employee (example). If this is not listed, you do not have access to SURFspot.
If the value student or employee is missing, we recommend that you contact the ICT helpdesk of your educational institution. They can adjust this for you, so you can log in.
Are you still getting an error message?
Is your SURFconext profile complete and do you still get the error message "Dit product is niet beschikbaar voor jouw instelling"? Then your educational institution has not concluded an agreement for the product you wish to order.
Are you a new student on SURFspot?
As a new student, it is possible that you will not be able to log in and order until 1 September. This varies by educational institution.

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