You will not receive a download link if you have ordered a serial number for renewal. The code you have purchased can only be used for an already installed SPSS package. This means you don't have to download anything.

To get started with your extension for SPSS, you must first activate the code. You can do this by opening the "License Authorization Wizard" in the installation folder and entering your product code/serial number.

For Windows: The License Authorization Wizard can be found by clicking Start and selecting the "IBM SPSS" folder. Here you will see some icons, one of which refers to the License Authorization Wizard. If this doesn't work, you can also use the magnifying glass to search for 'SPSS'. The License Authorization Wizard can then be found under the heading 'Apps'.

For Mac: The License Authorization Wizard can be found by going to Applications via the Finder. Then navigate to the IBM SPSS folder to open the Wizard.

If you do not yet have SPSS on your device, we recommend that you purchase the complete software from SURFspot.


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