Office 2019 for Windows can be installed on one device at a time. It is possible that you have to perform a reinstallation, for example when you have purchased a new laptop.


You can reinstall Office 2019 for Windows using the steps below.

These instructions only apply if you purchased Office more than a month ago. The download link you received with your order will still be active within one month of purchase.


Step 1: (If applicable) Please uninstall your current Office installation first. You can do this using these instructions.


Step 2: Download the software via the link below.


Step 3: After you have downloaded the software, you still need to activate Office 2019. Microsoft will provide you with the option to sign in with an account. As soon as you select this option, you will also get to see the option "enter a product key instead" on your screen. Choose this option and enter your product key.

The product code can be found in your SURFspot account under "Orders" and you have received it by email.


Step 4: Now the software should be activated. You can check whether the software has been activated by opening one of the Office programs such as Word, clicking on "File" and then on "Account". The screen with "Product Information" shows whether your installation has been activated.

Failed to activate the software? Please try out the "Office 2016" steps for activation on this page.


If you get the message that the maximum activations have been reached, check out this article.


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