• You can renew Adobe Creative Cloud by purchasing a new license from this page.
  • The license is automatically activated at the e-mail address you provide when ordering. You will not receive a code.
  • If possible, please provide an e-mail address with a domain that is not the domain of your institution.
  • If you provide the email address of your current Adobe account, you can continue to use the apps. 
  • After you have ordered Adobe Creative Cloud, you will receive an email from Adobe with the subject "Ga aan de slag met Alle apps" at the email address you provided. 
  • Click on "Aan de slag" and log in with the e-mail address you received the e-mail at. Choose the SURFspot Operational Console login option.
  • The new license starts immediately after ordering and expires exactly after 1 year. The end date of the license is not visible in your Adobe account. You will receive a reminder email from us one week before your license expires.

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